Sharpening stone

Sharpening stone

Sharpening stone

Natural stone rectangular of the Pyrenees.

Lengh 30 cms - width 5 cms - thickness 2 cms - Grain about 200 

Base varnished Beech.


This stone suitable for all kinds of knives but also for straight razors with a few years of service.

Remember that our razors new is reaffutent only to the leather for a dozen years.

Indeed, when a razor is new, the stone tends to round the edge that causes the passage to the buffer and the wheel at the factory. Properly and effectively use this accessory, for positioning the razor cutting down while bringing. This cutting edge toward the center of the stone side.

The position of the cutting edge on the stone is not the same as on a leather razor.

Individual carton packaging.

Product 100 % made in Thiers.

Instruction on Youtube :


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