Presentation of our company and its history. We are located in Thiers in the French department of Auvergne (63).

THIERS-ISSARD was founded in 1884 by Pierre THIERS who was born in 1860 and died in 1929. The latter had an extraordinary reputation for being a skilful blacksmith, his items-especially the hand razors were of very high quality.

When he created his own company, he attached his wife's name in order to avoid confusions with the other families named.
"Thiers". They were numerous, we notice mainly 3 families with the name of "Thiers" in the 1582 charter which mentions every master cutlers Thiers and its surroundings.

Mrs Pierre Thiers maintained the company continuity and was soon helped by her son, Pierre THIERS (1884-1962), and a few years later by Louis (1910-1985) and Pierre Thiers (1914-1997).
Philippe THIERS was the last successor who sold his factory to Gilles REYNEWAETER in 1985.
Gilles REYNEWAETER has perpetuated the hand razor ancestral tradition by making new handles since the beginning of the 20th century. These handles are made of horn ivory, ox bone as well as all sorts of wood throughout the world. Then Reynewaeter Giles added tortoise shell which used to be dedicated to nobles and kings. he created Damascus carbon blade razors and developed à range of genuine razors on request.

THIERS-ISSARD current manager, Mr REYNEWAETER Gilles

Mr REYNEWAETER’s grandparents came in France during the First World War in order to work with their Belgian boss, Mr Chevalerias, a ring binder maker. They had decided to exile themselves to Thiers because they had many customers in the Auvergne as well as everywhere in France.

Mr REYNEWAETER’s father, Louis, had always worked in a cutlery factory, so his wife – Anaïs – and himself founded in 1948 their own factory called REYNEWAETER-CHAMBAS. They also created in 1960 a wholesale store specialized in kitchen utensils and household stuff.

After studying accountancy for 3 years, Mr REYNEWAETER Gilles initiated himself to door-to-door selling by visiting culinary professionals; at the same time, he was responsible for the making of professional knives and canteen of cutlery from 1967.

Mr REYNEWAETER Gilles bought up THIERS-ISSARD company in 1985. The latter was named SNETI THIERS-ISSARD. Then, Mr REYNEWAETER took over George Goutte company in 1992 and the renowned PIGEAT TAILLANDERIE in 1995. Moreover, in 2001, he bought PERARD-DASSAUD’s family business which was exclusively specialised in the making of Laguiols under the registered trade name of “LAGUIOLE AUTHENTIQUE”.

In 2002, Mr REYNEWAETER’s wife – Marie REYNEWAETER – bought up SAUZEDDE-RODDIER, a hand-tool making factory.
Finally, in 2007, Mr REYNEWAETER Gilles took over BOST CHATELET foundry, specialized in the making of aluminium items such as knucklebones, garlic press…

Outsourced work

Our savoir-faire dates back to 1884. Our founder Pierre Thiers, blacksmith, worked not only with hand razors but also with pruning knives, kitchen knives... and passed on his savoir-faire on the work of historical metals.

For example, THIERS-ISSARD has been working for more than 30 years on surgical tools, razors to make music reeds, veterinary razors, ham saws but also blades to cut French fries and other vegetables. Also, machetes for the French army and many cutting products on plan (to cut the rubber of tires, sharpeners for carpenters). THIERS-ISSARD has this savoir-faire recognized throughout the world.

Our values

After learning how to work, we manufacture products internally with our skilled workers for any sharp object. As a result, we are committed to passing on our long experience from generation to generation through contact with our customers in all countries.

THIERS-ISSARD, an LHV company (certification label Living Heritage Companies), where everything is manufactured 100% Made In France on all our articles except for certain woods that come from different parts of the world.
We have acquired with the experience of new machines to facilitate the work of man but the hand-made predominates at 90% and remains the golden rule of THIERS-ISSARD.
When you buy our products, you are assured of the beauty and exceptional cut of all our sharp objects.
All our products are guaranteed according to our instructions for each product. We provide after-sales service for all repairs, re-sharpening and renovation of our items in our workshops.
We also guide our customers in their choice on all our references but also on the use, maintenance or any other questions in order to satisfy our customers as much as possible. We do our job passionately to perpetuate our ancestral savoir-faire.