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Hollowed Razor Super-Gnome
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Hollowed Razor Super-Gnome

Razor Super-Gnome

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The Super-Gnome razor, cutting edge of precision

Are you looking for a professional razor, suitable for all beards and promising a tailor-made grip? With its impressive strength and sharpening characteristics, the Super-Gnome hollowed  razor is an exceptional piece.

The dream tool of any professional barber!

The Super-Gnome manual razor for professional use

The tang of the Super-Gnome razor is stamped  "Thiers-Issard Made in France". Guarantee of its quality, this prestigious brand distinguishes razors of excellence from simple razors of everyday life.

With its 100% forged carbon steel blade and satin polished on both sides, the Super-Gnome razor meets all requirements in terms of strength and aesthetics. For perfect adaptability to your preferences, it is available in two sizes: 2/8 or 3/8.

A round nose, a worked blade stabilizers, a black calf leather case... This professional shaver has a powerful and precise design. And above all, it offers an exceptional grip thanks to an anti-slip jimp: it is the ideal partner for a professional barber.

In addition, it is delivered shave ready in a white Thiers-Issard printed box. With instructions for use, for professionals and less professionals!

A razor sharpened in the respect of traditions

All Thiers-Issard brand razors are designed and sharpened according to the ancestral know-how that has been ours since 1884. And quality is a data that is maintained!

After each use and to avoid oxidation of the pure carbon blade, be sure to dry it and store it in a place away from moisture. If you do not use it daily, consider coating the blade with Vaseline to preserve its incredible cutting qualities.

The Super-Gnome razor is the culmination of a thousand-year-old tradition. More than just a razor, it is pure passion that is felt in the tailor-made grip.



Data sheet

275 - 2 sides satin polish
Nonslip on the top of the tang
Black soft calf leather pouch
Super-Gnome electro-chemical


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