Chatellerault knife

Chatellerault knife

Chatellerault knife

Handle color

Chatellerault knife 12 cm

Available 1 or 2 pieces (blade + corkscrew).

The name "Chatellerault" comes from the Herault Family who owned the city in the 9th Century (Chatel Herault). The first charter of cutlery dated 25/05/1771 shows the existence of 50 master cutlers, meaning that the cutlery industry has existed for a long time.

At that time, the main manufacture was the following : swords and daggers, large and small daggers...

There were 4 models of folding knives : the "jambette" knife, the lock knife, the dagger and the hunting knife.

These were made at Chatellerault from 1850 to 1930 but also in Thiers from 1850 to 1950.

The Chatellerault knife that we now make is the folding dagger.

Massive stainless bolster and blade 12 cm stainless 12C27.

Le Chatellerault Mark on the blade and GR on the tang.

Available in handles : Snakewood, boxwood, black horn, horn, ebony, juniper, olivewood, bone, blond horn, stag horn.

With Sapelli / Oak box laser engraved


Data sheet

Steel Inox 12C27

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