Saint Martin knife

Saint Martin knife

Saint Martin knife

Handle color
Blade size

Saint Martin knife

Forged spring - stainless steel blade 12C27

"Saint-Martin" mark on the blade

Gr on the tang.

Southern Massif Central, circa 1900 -

This simple knife, quite probably the ancestor of the laguiole has a beautiful feel in the hand and is simple and refined.

The unadormed forged front of the spring is the precursor to Napoleon's bee in the later Laguiole.

This knife is available with 10 cm or 11 cm

Available handes : White/black nido, birch, boxwood, ebony, grenadille, olivewood, palissandre de baya, paolo santo, juniper, light horn handle, bone, snakewood, black honr, blond horn, stag horn, jungle cock

These models are handcrafted with their original moulds which at that time did not have an empty space between the spring and the blade when the knife was closed. We advise our client to follow the blade without snapping it on the spring so as to avoid damaging the edge when closing the knife. Thus, he will preserve the edge as well as the correct working of his knife for a long time.


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Steel Inox 12C27

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