Yatagan Basque knife

Yatagan Basque knife

Yatagan Basque knife

Handle color

Yatagan basque knife

Without or with rosettes

Stainless steel 12C27 10 cm or 11 cm

Hand filework

Grandfather mark on the blade

G.R. mark on the tang

Available handle : Birch, boxwood, horn tip, ebony, juniper, olivewood, wengé, horn tip with rosettes, rams horn or horn tip without rosette.

Circa 1800 - Perhaps the most extraordinary looking of the regional pocket knives, the decorative effects provides by the sanded-down decorative rivets in the handle show of beautifully against the form and color of the knife scales. Used all over the Basque region of the Southwest of France and down into Spain. Originated around Bergerac where tobacco growers added large studs on the handle to give the knife a "non-slip" handle when used to cut the gummy tobacco plants. The modern treatment of this knife leaves the now-decorative.


Data sheet

Steel Inox 12C27

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