Ramsus 6/8

Razor 6/8 188 both sides mirror polished

Blade groove (with GRELOT™ form)

Square back

THIERS-ISSARD™ on the tang

Ebony handle with inlay of musical notes

Carbon steel XC135

The French-made box is in stained beech, guitar sharpe

with engraving on the lid that pivots (identical to the handle)

Red velvet insert on the location of the razor.

Always thoroughly dry our razors after use and ensure that they are free from moisture (blade and handle) when storing them. Indeed, our blades are made from 100 % carbon steel which is the best quality steel but does rust if not kept dry.

For occasional use, the blade should be covered with vaseline.

All our razors are shave-ready.

All our razors are packed in a leather pouch and in a printed "THIERS-ISSARD" white cardboard box with instructions for use.

For our luxury boxes, please refer to our accessories catalogue.


Data sheet

Acier Carbone forgé C135

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