Comb razor 5/8 275 round nose both sides satin polished

Special coiffeur™ mark

Authentic comb in titanium brushed metal.

Handcrafted assembling.

Handle may be in blond horn, black horn and bone.

Carbon steel XC135

In black soft calf leather pouch THIERS-ISSARD.

Always thoroughly dry our razors after use and ensure that they are free from moisture (blade and handle) when storing them. Indeed, our blades are made from 100 % carbon steel which is the best quality steel but does rust if not kept dry.

For occasional use, the blade should be covered with vaseline.

All our razors are shave-ready.

All our razors are packed in a leather pouch and in a printed "THIERS-ISSARD" white cardboard box with instructions for use.

For our luxury boxes, please refer to our accessories catalogue.


Data sheet

Acier Carbone forgé C135

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