Rasoir Damascus
  • Rasoir Damascus
Rasoir Damascus
Rasoir Damascus

Special razors forged damascus 6/8 - XC 130 and XC 100

Hand forged from 2 similar hardened carbon steels

Possibility for this range round nose - square nose - hook nose

Thiers-issard™ mark on tang

In special luxury soft calf leather pouch with sliding closing tongue

Available handles : luxury tortoise shell imitation, ebony, real snakewood, real black cow horn tip, real blond cow horn tip, real bone, rams horn, desert ironwood, black mustache, freemason, black mechanism, white mechanism, barber, compostelle.

Always thoroughly dry our razors after use and ensure that they are free from moisture (blade and handle) when storing them. Indeed, our blades are made from 100 % carbon steel which is the best quality steel but does rust if not kept dry.

For occasional use, the blade should be covered with vaseline.

All our razors are shave-ready.

All our razors are packed in a leather pouch and in a printed "THIERS-ISSARD" white cardboard box with instructions for use.

For our luxury boxes, please refer to our accessories catalogue.


Data sheet

Hand-forged steel carbon XC130 and XC100
+ €0.00
Round nose
+ €0.00
Square nose
+ €0.00
French nose
+ €0.00
Hook nose
+ €0.00
Imitation tortoise shell
+ €21.05
+ €30.23
+ €31.52
Real black cow horn tip
+ €32.45
Real blond cow horn tip
+ €45.31
Bone - Ox shin
+ €59.51
Ram horn
+ €59.51
+ €68.22
Black / Mustache
+ €68.22
+ €68.22
Black / Mechanism
+ €68.22
White / Mechanism
+ €68.22
Barbershop insertion
+ €68.22
Dandy insertion
+ €68.22
Compostelle insertion
Leather pouch*
+ €0.00
Brown leather
+ €0.00
Black leather


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